It has been estimated that escort services are responsible for almost £9 billion of yearly UK GDP. An increasingly large portion of that revenue comes via adult escort sites.

Once the adult entertainment website has been created, the next step should be to post adverts on directory sites made for escorts. The high amount of traffic received at these directory sites makes it a great place to advertise one’s business.

Marketing is especially essential when you consider just how much money can be generated by getting the right sort of traffic. Five tips are important in marketing an adult escort website.

1. Use the Right Forums

It is important not to mistake quantity for quality. Many forums brag about their membership or how many posts they receive per week. It is important to let your escort website appear unique from that of the rest. Locate a community where you and your service can specialize in. Local adult escort communities can be linked with via message board. You can post your site, the promotions you offer and of course contact information.

2. Build Your Escort Personalities

Potential clients want to create a personal connection to the talent in your service. There is a lot of competition in this industry, which is why escorts with personality are more likely to get returning customers while building a nee base via referrals.

 Once an established escort roster has been created, the escorts should create social media accounts for their escort characters.

Social media is a useful tool that lets companies keep in touch with the customer base they serve. An escort website is no different. Pictures and videos should be posted to help the escorts on your roster stand out.

3. Video First

In today’s world, a video is about 75% of all online traffic, and an adult escort site should be taking advantage of this trend.

It could be anything from posting behind the scenes shorts from photo sessions or promotional videos, every girl on the roster should have a video about them. The videos should contain the specialties of the escorts and why clients should be interested in them.

4. Search As A Client Would

It is imperative that every adult escort site know that most appropriate search terms associated with their websites, so they can be added to the metadata.

 Local search engine optimization considers what terms people use when trying to locate your site.

5. Trade Links Like It’s 1998

A spreadsheet should be made of competitors with quality websites. A generic email proposing trading links with webmasters should be drafted.

It does tend to surprise people that, in spite of all the completion present in the adult escort site industry, numerous sites are ready to create a community with a sole purpose of sharing information and building talent.

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